Talking To The Moon

Dear Diary,

The moment before I go to sleep I reflect on everything I did in that day. I go into much deeper thought and think about everything. Every single night. The things I did and said. The things I want to do and want to say. I also think about the things that happened around me, what is currently going on around me.

There have been many tragedies that have happened this year. It is scary and it is sad. Waking up to bad news is not the way to wake up, however that is what I am doing. I’m waking up and I am grateful. I’m grateful but I’m living in fear of what has occurred. How do you keep moving forward? How do I write a funny tweet? How do I snapchat fun stories? That’s the thing. We have too. We need too. There is no knowing what’s coming next. If anything we have the opportunity to try and change something.

All these incidents teaches us that anything can happen. So we must not stop our lives happening. There have been many people that have come through this life and has taught us something. Then we have pulled together to make a change. It’s interesting how we can actually unite together but it takes something disturbing to happen for us to pull together. 

I will keep going. I will remember. I will try to do something better. I will try to make a change. I will try harder. I’m doing it for myself now and the future me.

I’m not a fool talking to myself because I believe I’m not the only one talking to the moon. Contemplating about life and hoping someone else hears them too.

P.S. Thank you to those that are have been doing something to make this world a better place, without and before the tragic events occurred.


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