Thinking Out Loud

Dear Diary,

There are thoughts I’ve been told to keep to myself. They may seem rude, inappropriate, or said at the wrong time.

When is the right time? You can try and find it but them something may just happen that prevents you to. We all have thoughts and opinions, which shouldn’t surprise us when someone disagrees. Which is fine because we are all entitled to an opinion and believe in it.

Aware that someone my disagree with you makes it risky when you want them to think the same way. A chance needs to be taken. As it can take you where you  want to be. Happy, confident and supported. The things we do say aloud may be upsetting but may also need to be said. It can soon open peoples eyes. Instead of avoiding or trying to ignore it you give them the opportunity to face it. You may be the one that stays beside them until they push through or a complete stranger can be that someone to help them.

I will think out loud not deliberately but when I feel something should be said. I’m not going to lose the opportunity especially when something positive can from it and  we don’t know what’s around the corner. (Unless you use google maps)

P.S. Many people’s opinions have hurt us and many has brought us to a place we never thought would exist. Sometimes unfortunately what we need in order to get on the right track.


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