Unless you are overly polite sorry seems to be the hardest word. Elton John said it, Blue said it again, OneRepublic said it and Justin which clearly shows it can be said… eventually. Unless you’re Naya Rivera then I guess that can be included in the entry.

Remember being in the playground and your teacher would tell you to say sorry and you’d mumble it under your breathe. “They’re just kids, they’ll get over it,” Sure but down the line it becomes more and more difficult.

“I’m not apologising because I know I’m right.” Common line someone uses when they are wrong but even if they are right that person is crushed. Especially when it comes from a friend or family member. They rely on you to tell you the truth but no to rip you apart. When it’s the other way around and they’ve crossed the line. The bro code. The girl code. Th family code. The code code. Then you know that trust. That relationship is going to take a really long time to build.

So yea it’s too late now to say sorry. The body part of the song can still be body but thinking away from what he meant. A simple hug, high five, fist pump, made up handshake, chest pump. (If people still do that.) Those are the things you miss and so much more.

It may be over something really silly or it can be major. Either way the goal is to not lose that person. We all make mistakes but if you’re silly enough to put your relationship on the line then that’s a gamble you have chosen to take. We don’t often think of the consequences. In certain moments consequences doesn’t even cross your mind, you just want to say what’s on it. Which still can cost you.

Sorry is just a word. It’s the actions that follow is when it really matters. If you’re forgiven that’s great but don’t expect that mistakes to be completely erased. It may be brought up every time something goes wrong. It may seem impossible at first to move forward but it is possible.


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