Dear Diary,

I stood under the stars this summer. Just staring, I know that they are pretty and fascinating but I was staring because I was stuck. There were moments where I found I forgotten who I was. There were moments that I felt parts of me wasn’t enough. There were moments I didn’t know how to move forward from news that I had received. I looked up to the stars for answers. They provided me with light and shapes but nothing else. Until someone appeared under those stars with me.

I’ve been in this position before. I mean we all have. We take a moment to stop and think. Then we overthink and just get on our own nerves. It seems unfair when your alone trying to figure it out. Sure there are times where you have but having someone to take that weight off can really make a difference.

The lighthouse, the sealights, the person I needed at that time appeared. The person to listen and guide me through. It was instant. It’s the first time I had met a stranger that became someone important to me so quickly. I managed to get answers and the help that I needed. Providing me with strength, courage and reason.

The northern lights appeared and since then every time I looked up at those stars I knew I wasn’t alone. I am forever grateful for that. I didn’t even have to say anything and they knew my mind was racing. Sure someone can be there for you through the hard times, but the good times matter just as much. They kept me smiling. I then became their lighthouse because everyone needs someone to guide them. It works both ways and it forever will.


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