Send My Love To Your New Lover

Dear Diary,

When do you say enough is enough? I’ve mentioned before about letting things or people go when all you ever do is try. It becomes an unnecessary headache. I’m tired of taking Ibuprofen, using cold napkins over my head or drinking so much water I need to run to the toilet every 5 seconds. This is not because I’m dehydrated or maybe I am. I’m dehydrated because I’m not getting anything back.

‘It was all you, none of it me.’ It might have been me at times but I’m not a mind reader. Expressing how you feel isn’t annoying, depending on how it comes across. If something is being said constantly then clearly nothing is improving. We all know things can change unexpectedly but when you’ve been told something is going to happen and it repeatedly doesn’t. Is it ever going to? There are different steps in relationships and I’d rather keep moving on up, then backwards or be stuck.

Whether it’s a friendship or relationship if there’s no communication then it’s a sinking ship. (See what I did there). Instead of me being Leonardo, I’m going to be Kate Winslet and stay afloat.

I’ve experienced how relationships can quickly emerge and it’s amazing but it can just as quickly fade. If our relationship is fading and we’ve tried or I’ve been the only one trying then I’d rather say goodbye. There will be someone else that will come there way and if they do better than we did GREAT! All I will say is good luck. It’s unfortunate that not all relationships work out but we’ve crossed paths for a reason. I’ve learned that giving up isn’t so bad because I’m going to try with the next person that comes along.

It’s better to leave things on a positive note, well as positive as it can be. If they message me a month later saying ‘Hi’ and I say ‘Hi’ and they say ‘how are you?’ and I say ‘fine you?’ and they say ‘I’m good’ … then the conversation fades then okay. If we happen to keep talking then that’s a bonus! If there’s nothing at all then thanks for teaching me a lesson.

 – @AmaniVHenry



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