Hurt Me Tomorrow

Dear Diary,

‘This ain’t a good time, but when is it ever.’ Exactly there is never a good time to tell someone bad news. I wish we didn’t have to listen to it or experience it! Unfortunately we do. In many cases it can be seen as a burden and we are expecting the other shoe will drop. Bad news can also strive us to grow as individuals. It’s unfortunate that in order for bad things to happen the good that rises against it can make a huge difference and impact.

There’s bad news that can’t be prevented, but the ones that we CAN well that frustrates me. I’m beyond tired turning on Twitter (Not the TV) and hearing bad news after bad news. To be honest it’s gone from bad to horrific.

If I can have an hour or even a minute of not hearing something bad, please give me those 60 seconds. Once I have heard bad news I do feel awkward. How can I be smiling again when someone is hurting? That’s the thing we have to keep moving forward and embracing the good times we have, because you don’t know how long it’s going to last. I still care. If it’s my bad news well it will take me a while to get back up again… Just do me a favour and save it for tomorrow.

 – @AmaniVHenry

K’Naan – Hurt Me Tomorrow

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