It’s Time

Dear Diary,

It’s difficult to find out who you are. I mean some people are still searching, or forever will be. All our experiences change us. Change will always happen. Although is the reason you change is to please or impress other people? Most of the time it is. Then you really don’t recognise your reflection. So I’ve learned to accept who I am, who I am becoming and who I may be. This all be under my terms and not someone else’s.

Meeting new people may seem great because you can be someone else. What’s the harm they’ve never met you before. The harm is to yourself. You will get lost and unable to find your way back. Then when you slip up what happens then? Unless you are really that great of an actor then an oscar should come your way. Many of us have not been accepted for who we are whether it’s the whole of us or a small part. It still upsets you because it’s you.

I met someone new people this summer and I have to say. I have never felt so free to be me. It’s rare to find someone that just accepts you completely. Your good and bad. No one is perfect but some people are perfect to me if they can tolerate me. Unless they are glad I’m away from them now. :S I’ve mentioned before about finding people that accept you are keepers and they are. You can breathe and not worry about the things you do or say because they’ll just get you. I know I don’t make sense half the time but they seem to understand. They understand me and I could have tried pretending who I was but I’m no longer going to change to try and fit in.

Obviously we may ulter ourselves for people we are around like formally or family. That’s fine but I’m not doing a drastic make-over. Unless there’s a desperate need to. If that is the case it may just be because you may have lost yourself and your way. Getting back on track is great especially when those that really care refuse to leave when you do so.

I never wanted to leave but I had to. I’m still holding onto those people because I want to be there for them as they were for me. I accept you for who you are. When you fall (or fell because you did literally) I will be there to pick you up. Thank you.


Imagine Dragons – It’s Time 

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  1. TinzRant says:

    Great post, the people you can be your complete self are the best. I look forward to reading future post from you. Check my post out when you get the chance 🙂


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