Wonderful World

Dear Diary,

You never know what is going on in the next room, the next house or the next person’s mind.

When we make plans we expect them to go as planned. Unfortunately we already know that not everything does, although we don’t think that at the time. (You know positivity and all!) Something may occur that changes everything, completely throwing you off guard. As much as we don’t want to live in what ifs, it seems that we always will be.

I know I need to go out and socialise more. These are the scenarios. I agree to go out and then something happens. If I didn’t agree then that same something could still happen. Then I’m left thinking what if I was there? What if I wasn’t?

Good things and bad things can occur. So let’s say one of my idles happened to be there and I wasn’t. I would be gutted. If I were then it would be amazing to have met one of my idles. If something bad occurs and I was there to help someone. What would have happened if I wasn’t would that same person still need help? or would I have been in need of help myself?

Each decision you make encounters with the decisions someone else makes, what comes of it well we don’t know. Hopefully it’s just a nice evening with friends.

We shouldn’t be stuck not wanting to go out and do anything but certain circumstances have made us think that way. I can trust myself but can I trust others? Then there’s those situations that’s no one’s fault but a freak accident.

As much as I want to crawl in my bed and watch a movie. (Which I don’t mind doing). I need to live my life outside of that. There is so much that is happening out there in this ‘great big world’ and it can be wonderful which is what I want to be a part of. I don’t want to be stepping out in fear. When that strength is with me I’m ready. Which I am now.

 –  @AmaniVHenry

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