Since U Been Gone

Dear Diary,

It’s would be great if people could be honest with you the first time around. How do you really feel about me? What you really think of me? I’d rather someone tell me the truth and hurt my feelings. The lying and more lying and the dragging me along with something that you don’t care about. That hurts even more because then it becomes difficult to pull away. You’ve made a print on me. When others hear what you’ve done and said you’re a jerk. I hear just give them another chance. Give them leeway. They may have been having a bad day, but a day is only 24 hours.

You know what you deserve but you also know what you want. If you’re getting what you wanted and you’re unhappy then what’s the point? Then it’s clearly not what you need. There were time and effort that went into it, then it drifted. The time and effort would come back again, then again drift. It’s repetitive and quite frankly boring. When things happened I wanted to tell you first. When I needed help I second guess contacting you because I didn’t think you’d be interested. I refused to listen what the people on the outside told me but now I want to be on the outside.

After the decision was made, you can believe it’s been the best one! No more waste of my time and straining to have your time. I can at least say this is the breath of fresh air I’ve needed. I had 99 problems and you were definitely one of them.

Bye Felicia


Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

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