Love Me Now

Dear Diary,

I know I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been around but I’m back! Considering everything that’s been happening in this world lately I’m grateful.

These events are only reminders that anything can happen, literally. Some things don’t make sense and others are just tragic circumstances that are out of our control. The things we can control are the next decisions we make. Hopefully that next decision is a positive one as we need more of that.

The past few days I’ve decided to say “Hey” to the people I said I was going to say “Hey” to. Get out of my comfort zone and have fun. Make sure those close to me know how much they mean to me. I’m not the mushy kind but I guess I can handle a few seconds. Sometimes it’s needed not just for yourself but for them. No matter where we are in the world, whoever we are with we need to let those we care about know. What we don’t know is whats going around the corner, unless you have a map.

Whether we know the person or not, spreading that kindness, laughter, banter, care and love. (Just got mushy) lifts people up. We need to keep lifting those frowns. Whatever does come by as least I know I did what I did when I had the chance. You don’t know who will be the next person to be around the people you care about when you’re gone. If you can be that person for someone that has lost someone then you have a pretty good idea they will be okay. Someone will come along.


–  @AmaniVHenry

Love Me Now by John Legend

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