West Coast

Dear Diary,

When you miss someone it can become overwhelming. It may just hit you one day more than usual. That person or people were there and now they’re not. We are lucky to have those that are with us but thousands of miles away can still be difficult.

Things happen and you just imagine what they would say and hear them say it in their voice.  You imagine their hugs, high fives, fist pumps. They are the people that can’t be replaced. You wait for those white ticks to turn blue when they finally read your message. Even though you pretty much knew what they would say it’s different when you actually hear from them.

If I could have I would have dived in the suitcase. Haha. We may be apart but the are ways to be back together again and it will happen. We may live separate lives but you’re still in mine.

Wherever you are while I’m sleeping and you’re probably starting your day. I miss you! For those that are not with us… I miss you too!

–  @AmaniVHenry

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