Dear Diary,

Do you know what can be annoying? Obviously, I’ll tell you. Trying to take that step of committing to do something you know that you are capable of doing. It gets me every time.

I appreciate the people around you that say you know you can do it, look how far you’ve come. The encouragement if great but the most important person to hear from is yourself. I’ve never found anything wrong with nerves, it’s normal! Sure there’s that person with full confidence in themselves and that’s great but even that person can turn out to fall. 

To be honest you can even take that step forward and it turns out it’s not even you that doesn’t make it work. If you have faith in yourself and take that step by yourself then it’s something you can be proud of. It’s easy for someone to push you but it’s not there push to give. (Unless it was towards something to get you out of a really bad situation then that’s an exception)

Whether that step you take works out or not there are always other steps that can be taken. The challenge is not taking a step back.

Take a breath, release those fists, straighten your back and walk. Have faith in yourself. I got this. This is the start of something new.


– snapchat: amanihenry 

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