All Time Low

Dear Diary,

We have reached a low point in our lives some lower than others but it’s no competition. Not one I want to win anyway. When we are low we wonder if we’re ever going to get back up.

Some pretend that everything is fine for particular people or because they’ve been told it’s a sign of weakness. Guess what! It’s not, it’s been called human.

Emotions can get in the way but it can also give us the strength we need. The sudden outbursts are your heart speaking out because it’s tired of being suppressed, so if I cry, scream, yell. My heart has had enough.  After that your mind to guide you the way or even the mind of someone else.  It may seem you can do things yourself which are great and it’s never a bad thing.

I guess I should learn from myself and follow that.  If someone is low don’t hesitate to hold them up and if you’re low don’t hesitate for someone to hold you.

It may take a while to get back up on your feet again but that’s fine. The important part is that you will get back up again.


– snapchat: amanihenry

All Time low by The Wanted

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