September Song

Dear Diary,

We all have that one or ten songs that we associate with different people. It’s either the song that brought us together or that song that emerged when we fell apart. It could even be both. I’ve literally got a song for every month. They either bring a stupid smile on your face or makes me get all emotional.

You never really realise how much a song means to you until you stop replaying it and haven’t heard it for a while and out of nowhere you hear it. That shuffle on the iPod or as you jump from different radio stations. It can catch you off guard. You’re taken back to that time immediately like your right in that moment again.

At the time it may have been the lyrics that fitted in so well with your situation. It may have been the bad lyrics which we laughed but the beat was fun to dance to. That’s the thing no matter how good or bad the song is, they fit into your life in different ways. So forget the person that questions you for listening to a song they don’t like because it’s not about them but clearly there’s something about that song that reflects your life. (If you just like it then that’s also fine). 😀

The best feeling is when you can listen to that song that got you all emotional that you skipped or deleted and be at peace with it. It can present a time in your life where you made silly choices but you’ve grown from that. You may have lost someone but now you listen thinking about the good times.

When you share songs with people it’s like you’re in your own little world. To those, I shared a song with and we are now strangers thank you because I know those were fun times. To those who I will be sharing a song with let’s see how many times we repeat it.


September Song by JP Cooper

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