Lean On Me

Dear Diary,

There are many things that I admire. One, in particular, is when you have people supporting you. As scary as the world can seem especially these days. It’s proven that we can really come together and be there for each other.

Despite how many people roam this earth it is easy for someone to feel alone. We all come across a problem in our lives that we just need a sign or someone just to direct us or literally drag us to where we should go to feel that happiness again.

I become overwhelmed when that help and support comes from the people we don’t even know. It’s shocking because they don’t even know you personally and they want to help and they really don’t have to. That’s true kindness right there.
I could have easily written a diary in a book, but I chose to do it here. It was for myself because we all needs ways to express ourselves, but I also knew I wasn’t the only one with these feelings. The responses of people reading and liking my entries allow me to feel better because I feel I’ve supported someone else to let them know that they are not alone.

It works both ways, we all need a shoulder and there’s more than enough to go round I have two and we can begin a domino effect.

As easy as it may be to tear people apart if you’re willing you can just as quickly pull them back together. No one deserves to be alone. You can be there the cool collected Bill Withers way or jazz it up the Glee way. We all need somebody.


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