Breathing Under Water

Dear Diary,

There is a lot of things that will hold you down. A load that keeps on pilling up. You may feel like you’re drowning, wondering whether or not you’d be able to make it to the surface. To other people it may not seem necessary to get emotional but we are all different people and deal with things differently.

The aim is to try and do what is best for you. Try and do what is the best in your current situation. What you can handle. What you can fall back on. Unfortunately for some people they can completely be stuck with no way to move but don’t give up. Hold on that much longer. You voice will be heard. You will be seem. You will eventually and surprisingly be breathing under water.

If you wanna cry, then cry. You’re not weak. If you wanna scream, then scream. You’re not crazy. If you wanna yell, then yell. You’re not loud enough. Just let it out and then take it in to take that step.

Make that decision for you, or for whoever you need to make the decision for and keep thinking positive.



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