Dear Diary,

People may laugh at me. Tell me no. Shout at me. Push me aside.
I get it not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to support you.
Yes it will hurt and it’s okay to accept that pain because it’s what makes you want to fight more, however, it can get overwhelming enough that you don’t want to fight anymore. People can be really mean.
Those are the people that we need to look out for. A good old motivational speech like the ones you see on TV don’t always do it. In this world full of billions it’s easy for someone to feel lonely. I’m not saying we should hound the person but sometimes they just need an ear. Someone to answer or even just to see. It’s the ones that don’t ask for help are especially the ones to look out for.

That person you once knew or heard about starts to go missing. They have lost site of their self-worth.
Why should they be helped? They are ugly! They are fat! They are a waste of time! They are useless, worthless! They are terrible at singing! They have two left feet! They are stiff when it comes to acting! They are incapable!
As easy as it is to learn and know the alphabet. This becomes the tune in their mind. On a loop.
For some, they can brush it off. For some, they can fight back. For some, they bury their feelings until they explode. (Me)

Who has time to take in all this negativity! Clearly, the trolls but they obviously haven’t seen the movie.
This is where role models and those people around you make you stand up and keep moving forward.
You’re not the first to be told no. You’re not the first to be yelled at. Unfortunately, you won’t be the last but guess what! Even though it may feel like there is no one… there is someone.
If you don’t reach out someone will grab you. Whether it’s by reading something like this or someone actually grabbing you.

They don’t deserve to win. You deserve to strive. Know your self-worth because you’re worth it! (I guess like l’oréal) haha.



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