The Amani Diaries-

My name is Amani… Hence the Amani Diaries. I’m just a city girl, living in a huge world. City being London and London being in the UK. I’m quirky, funny, interesting and the slowest one to understand the jokes sometimes. (At least I get it in the end)

This blog is based on my interpretations of music and films. We all relate to songs or storylines in different ways and these are mine. I decided to write this blog for myself, I mean sure I could have actually written in my diary. The reason I didn’t was because I knew I wasn’t the only one with thoughts and opinions. As much as I wanted to embrace how I felt, I also wanted others to be able to connect.

Considering how many billions of people there are in this world. It is easy to feel alone. I believe that there should be a least one person for someone. I may not know my readers personally, but if they are going through a tough day like I am and my blog post can at least make them laugh and end up feeling positive. Then that is amazing.


Keep Smiling and even when you’re frowning another smile will come your way.

Amani OUT!!


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